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Cheap prices for video baby monitors
Knowing how to find the most popular video baby monitors is a task that can prove to be difficult, especially because of the multiplicity of options that are made available. If you are seeking for help in ending up with the best option, the rest of this article will surely be worth reading. It will provide you with an orientation on some of the most notable features that can be expected from the Levana Astra 3.5” PTZ digital baby video monitor, which has been recognized by many parents as one of the best options available in the marketplace. If you are not primarily concerned about cheap prices for video baby monitors, meaning, that you are willing to spend a slightly higher amount to enjoy better quality, this model will prove to be worth every dollar spent.
One of the main reasons on why this specific unit has been included in the list of top rated video baby monitors 2013 is because of the fact that it ensures the delivery of high quality images because of the ClearVu technology. Essentially, this innovation has been developed by the manufacturer for the purpose of being able to make sure that parents will have a clear picture of their baby while they are away. In addition, another thing that helps in the delivery of high quality images is the fact that it comes with an interference-free signal, which means that nothing can come in between the transmission that is about to take place. To add, having invisible LED lights is also a good thing as it makes sure that you can still see everything even if there is poor light inside the room at which the camera is installed. Having a 3.5-inch screen is also commendable, as it provides more than enough space for viewing.
More so, this specific unit has been included in numerous lists of best video baby monitors 2013 because of having a camera that is easy to control and has high quality, hence, resulting into the transmission of clear images. The camera can be zoomed, tilted, and panned without any hassle on the part of the user. It has a longer range than the neck of humans, making it an effective way to monitor all the things that happen inside the room at which it is placed.
There were also many people who have been extremely satisfied with this product because of the energy efficiency of the unit. It has the ability to remain still functional even after a period of 48 hours without the need to have the batteries recharged. This is because both the parent unit and the camera installed inside the room stop when there is no activity being detected, hence, resulting in savings in the consumption of power. 


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